School of Computer Science and Technology

College of Intelligence and Computing

Tianjin University


135 YaGuan Road, Tianjin, P.R.China

Tang's Office Address: Room B319, Building 55, Peiyang Park Campus

Guo's Office Address: Room B321, Building 55, Peiyang Park Campus

Lab Address: Room B304, Building 55, Peiyang Park Campus

About the LBCI

This lab focuses on the researches of Machine Learning, Complex Network and Algorithm with their applications in solving complicated biological and medical system modeling problems. The long-term of interest of our research is to develop effective bioinformatics algorithms and approaches to find out useful rules from the mass data generated in biological and medical experiments, which can be further used to speed up the process of life science understanding.


• Genomic structure, function and gene expression regulation mechanism analysis

• Protein sequence, structure and function prediction

• Biological complex network modeling

• Biomedical image recognition

Job opening!

We are currently looking for talented and motivated students. If you are interested, please send me your CV and academic transcripts.